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dwarf studios' Masahito Kobayashi Nominated for Best Direction at the 47th Annie Awards!

Tokyo, Japan - January 26, 2020 - Masahito Kobayashi, director of dwarf studios has been nominated for the Best Direction - TV/Media category at the 47th Annie Awards for the Netflix Original Series "Rilakkuma and Kaoru".

Launched in 1972, the Annie Awards, which are organized by the International Animated Film Association, are referred to as "the Academy Awards of the animation world." The 47th Annie Awards was held on January 25, 2020 in UCLA's Royce Hall, located in Los Angeles, USA, where the winners for each category were announced.

[Profile of Masahito Kobayashi]

Born in 1972, in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. He studied Scenography at Musashino Art University. After graduating, he pursued his studies abroad, at the London College of Communication. He joined TYO Inc. in 2013, then dwarf studios in 2019. Masahito Kobayashi has been active as a director, working on a broad range of content such as TV programming, online videos, and stop-motion animation.

●About "Rilakkuma and Kaoru"

Directed by Masahito Kobayashi, "Rilakkuma and Kaoru"—starring voice actress Mikako Tabe, written by Naoko Ogigami and music by Shigeru Kishida—is the first stop motion animation series to feature the character Rilakkuma, character owned by San-X Co., Ltd. The series is currently available worldwide, exclusively on Netflix.


Kaoru, a somewhat absent-minded thirty-something woman, is an ordinary office lady who works for a small trading company in the city. She finds herself living with Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma, as well as Kiiroitori, who loves cleaning. This is a colorful tale about the 12 months that Kaoru—who has a minor complex about people telling her she's too serious—spends with Rilakkuma and company, who lead carefree and lazy lives.

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● About dwarf studios

dwarf studios has created numerous characters and a variety of content, including the world-famous NHK character “Domo” and the “Komaneko” program, which has continued to have a long run in France. dwarf studios is a stop motion animation production studio that has earned praise in Japan and around the world for its video work, which is primarily focused on stop motion produced through outstanding technical ability. Not limited to original work, dwarf studios also works proactively on collaborations with various popular characters and famous content.


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